Frequently Asked Questions

Currently I do not require you to wear a face covering, but you may do so if you wish.

At thrive massage therapy I take your health very seriously. If you have tested positive for Covid-19 or been in contact with anyone who has, please do not attend. If you are suffering from fever, continuous cough, loss or change in your sense of smell/taste, or any other flu-like symptom, or have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms, please do not attend (even if your symptoms are mild). If you belong to a group considered at higher risk from Covid-19, due to age, or pre-existing health complications, please ensure that you have informed me, prior to arriving for your treatment. You will not be liable for any penalty for last minute cancellation. Gift vouchers will be honoured past their expiry date.

I have completed specialist training and risk assessments to make adjustments to my working practice. I have worked hard to ensure that my treatments and cabin are safe and meet all guidelines, Here are just some of the changes you may notice:

I may ask you to cancel your treatment at short notice if I feel that I have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 symptoms or am feeling unwell myself.
I may be wearing a face covering or visor based if indicated by current guidelines and will always wear a face covering at your request.
I will discuss and agree adaptations to your treatment to minimise risk where appropriate (e.g. avoid facial massage).
I will continue to wash all towels and linens used during each treatment, and in addition to the routine disinfection that already took place, there will be additional disinfection of every surface and touchpoint within the cabin, after every treatment.
My appointment times have changed to allow more time between appointments for additional cleaning and airing of my treatment cabin.
I have installed new sensor activated soap and gel dispensers, and single use paper towels for hand drying.
If the weather is warm enough I may suggest opening windows during your treatment – my window coverings will still ensure privacy.
I will avoid touching drinking glasses etc, therefore I recommend that you bring drinking water with you, but I can provide bottled water if necessary. 

I am asking, where possible, for online payment, to avoid cash handling.
Should it become necessary following government advice, I will temporarily close my practice.

No. The safety of all my clients, and my family is very important to me. Do not attend if you are unwell or have any reason to suspect you may have been in contact with Covid-19. Even if you cancel with minutes to spare, I will not be inforcing my terms and conditions regarding last minute cancellations at this time. I also ask that you bear with me if I need to cancel your appointment at the last minute due to Covid-19 risk or illness.

When it is safe for you to do so, please book your appointment as normal by emailing I will honour any expired vouchers that were unable to be taken due to Covid-19.

To ensure that the treatment I give is safe for you, and to keep client records that comply with the terms of my insurance, I gather personal and contact information on my client consultation forms. The data I collect includes name, date of birth, telephone number, email address and postal address. I also collect medical and health information on my consultation form, for example, details of any health conditions you have currently, or historically, and medications you are taking. After a treatment I write brief notes on the consultation form, including which treatment was given and treatment notes, for example which massage oil was used and in which muscles tension was felt. These after treatment notes help me to plan for your next treatment. The information is only kept in paper format and is secured in a locked filing cabinet, to which only I have access. The filing cabinet is located in my treatment room. When I travel to client locations for onsite massage I carry the relevant client consultation forms for that day in a locked carry case to which only I have access and which stays with me during the site visit, either on my person or in a locked treatment room on site. I then return the consultation forms to my main locked filing cabinet at the end of the day. I will use your contact information if I need to contact you about a treatment you have booked (for example to confirm or cancel the appointment). I will use your medical and health information to determine if a treatment I am suggesting to you is safe for you. I will use your aftercare notes to personalise your future treatments. I do not use any of your data for any other purposes. I will not use your information for promotional or marketing purposes and I do not share any of your information with third parties.

I find the easiest way to describe the difference is in terms of the objectives of treatment. My holistic treatments are primarily designed with relaxation as the key objective, whereas my deep tissue therapeutic treatments are designed with the relief of tension, or pain, in problem areas as the main objective, and the relaxation felt is a pleasant side effect! Although I adjust pressure to suit you, my holistic treatments tend to utilise lighter and more relaxing strokes and techniques and are likely to include more areas of the body and feel very soothing and tranquil. By contrast, my deep tissue therapeutic treatments aim to specifically target or correct issues in a problem area and utilise deeper more intense massage strokes to relieve tension and knots in much more localised areas. In reality, most of my treatments combine relaxing holistic massage with deeper tissue work in problem areas, so if you are in any doubt about which type of treatment would suit you we can discuss this during your consultation.

​There are very few instances where massage is not recommended and these are known by massage therapists as ‘total contraindications’. For example, total contraindications would include being under the influence of alcohol, suffering from a fever, diarrhoea or vomiting. There are also ‘local contraindications’ which are conditions affecting specific areas of the body that mean you should not be massaged in that area - for example if you have a cut, bruise or abrasion on your foot then you could still have a body massage but the foot would be avoided. Some conditions require medical approval before my insurance allows me to proceed with a massage. For example if you suffer from heart disease, asthma or epilepsy or are undergoing treatment for another medical condition from another specialist you will be required to produce a letter from your GP stating that you are OK to receive massage. The conditions mentioned above are for indication only - before you visit please click here to read my consultation form and if you are concerned that any of the medical conditions apply to you, contact me first to check that the treatment you choose is suitable for you. If you are attending for a pregnancy massage and are having a low risk pregnancy with no complications then I would like you to get verbal consent from your midwife before you attend. If you have any existing health issues or are experiencing any pregnancy complications you will need to gain written consent from your midwife and bring this to your massage therapy appointment. You should not attend for a massage if you believe that you are suffering from or have been exposed to Covid-19. Please see the specific FAQ about this condition.

​You do not need to stay awake and it is very common to drift in and out of sleep during a treatment. It is a good sign that you are deeply relaxed. Your body and muscles will still be gaining benefit from the massage even if you are asleep. I will wake you gently at the end of the treatment so you don’t need to worry if you nod off.

​It is common for your muscles to feel temporarily tired or heavy, similar to how they feel after a workout. A small number of clients receiving a massage feel achy, flu like or complain of headache. This is due to all the toxins that have been released from your muscles. These symptoms are completely normal and should pass within 24 hours.

Some clients find that feeling deeply relaxed can allow emotions to come to the surface and they may feel emotional. If this happens I will ask you if you are happy for me to continue with the treatment and progress if you are comfortable.

Some people feel cold after a massage as the massage has encouraged blood to flow near the surface of the skin causing heat loss. During the treatment blankets and towels will prevent you feeling cold, please bring warm comfortable clothes to wear home.

​Everybody is different when it comes to pressure, some prefer deep tissue massage, whilst others find a soothing gentle massage much more relaxing. What feels right to one client might feel painful for another or too light and ineffective for someone else. I will use a variety of techniques, some working deeper into the muscle tissue than others. Massage should never be painful but you may feel some discomfort if deep tissue techniques are used on tight or overworked and stressed muscles. It is therefore really important that you communicate with me regarding your objectives and pressure preferences and inform me of any pain or discomfort during your treatment. I will never be offended if you ask me to adjust pressure during a session. 

​You will be given a leaflet to take home explaining how to get the most benefit from your treatment and minimise any side effects. The main advice is to avoid exercise, heavy meals, caffeine and alcohol immediately after your treatment and drink plenty of water to help your body to flush out any waste toxins. Try and keep yourself warm and remain in a quiet state for as long as possible to feel the full benefit of the treatment. I will leave the room and allow you time and privacy to get up slowly and get dressed.

​Yes. Your dignity, privacy and comfort are important to me.

​I am a professional massage therapist who has worked with all body shapes and sizes. I am also a mum of two with a ‘real’ body of my own! and am alert to any client body confidence issues. I am non-judgmental about your body weight, amount of hair, skin conditions, scars, disabilities, medical conditions, or personal history. Your dignity and modesty will be protected at all times using towels and blankets to comfortably drape your body and protect your modesty.

​It is not necessary to shave prior to a treatment, please don’t feel embarrassed if you have hair on your body, it doesn’t affect me or the treatment in any way.

​The oils I use should not damage your clothing, but to be sure please wear comfortable clothing and avoid delicate or unusual fabrics such as silk which may be damaged by oil. Some massage techniques could disrupt make-up or hair but I can design a session that will not disrupt your hair or make-up if this is a concern - please inform me when you visit if you would like me to avoid disruption to your hair or make-up. Some of the treatments I offer such as seated massage or Indian head massage can be adapted to be performed without oil.

​I will provide a selection of relaxing music, whose pace and tempo are suited to the treatment being offered. If you would prefer to remain silent or bring your own music on an iPod I am happy to accommodate this.

​During therapeutic body massage and aromatherapy massages you will be required to remove your clothing and wear knickers, pants or boxer shorts, so what you wear to and from the treatment does not matter. I do not provide massage therapy treatments for naked clients, either male or female, you must wear either knickers, pants or boxer shorts at all times. For male clients it is slightly preferable to wear pants or short boxer shorts rather than 'longer style' boxers, as this prevents oil getting onto clothing when the upper leg or gluteal muscles are massaged.

Some of the treatments I offer such as seated massage treatments and Indian head massage can be performed fully clothed. Please wear light comfortable clothes for these treatments. You will benefit most from these treatments if you have just one layer of clothing (e.g remove thick jumpers or multiple layers.)

Please remove all jewellery prior to your treatment.

​No, everything you need for your treatment will be provided.

​Your treatment is your valuable time and opportunity to relax. If chatting helps you to relax that is fine, but most clients find they can get most benefit from a treatment by remaining quiet and enjoying the relaxing music and touch. I have been trained not to talk during a treatment and will not be offended if you don’t talk to me. I won’t usually initiate conversation but will follow your lead. You must of course communicate with me during your treatment if you would like me to adjust the pressure or feel any discomfort.

​Yes, please browse my treatments and prices and email me;, or call me on 07468 858 512, to organise a personalised gift voucher for your friend or relative. Please note that my vouchers have a 12 month expiry date. If you purchase a pregnancy gift voucher and the recipient delivers her baby prior to being able to attend for an appointment I will offer an alternative treatment to the same value once she is ready after the birth.

​My treatment room was located in Chineham, Basingstoke, but from 8th June 2018 will be based in Kempshott, Basingstoke. Please check my map and directions page if you are attending for a massage therapy treatment or Contact me by mobile on 07468 858 512 if you are having difficulty locating me.

​I currently offer evening appointments on a Monday, Thursday and Friday evening, with daytime appointments during school hours on a Tuesday and Wednesday. My appointments can vary, to work around family commitments and I aim to be as flexible as possible.

​I accept payment by cash, gift voucher or BACS transfer. Due to covid-19 I am asking, where possible, for clients to transfer payments online, to avoid cash handling. My bank details are available on request.

​Yes, I have easily accessible driveway parking.

​I offer a 'teenage' stress buster treatment for young people aged 14 and over which can be beneficial at times of stress, for example during exams. Please see the treatments page for more information. A parent or guardian is required to sign a consent form and remain in the treatment room during the session. At this time I do not offer massage to children below the age of 14 or baby massage, but I may undertake specialist training in these areas in the future so please check back on the website from time to time.

Yes, ​I am fully trained and insured to offer specialist pregnancy massage. Massage therapy is is considered to be very beneficial to mother and growing baby throughout pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time of exciting change, but may feel overwhelming for your body and mind. Just a few benefits of pregnancy massage include:

·         A natural, safe and drug-free way to reduce aches and pains.

·         An increase in circulation, boosting oxygen and nutrient levels to both mother and baby while helping to stabilise blood pressure and regulate hormone levels

·         A release of endorphins – the body’s natural feel good chemicals, which promote relaxation, stress relief and aids more restful sleep

·         Enjoyable time to deeply relax and connect with your baby.

I use a unique support system, developed and widely used in the USA, which safely and fully supports you and your growing bump at any stage of your pregnancy in a front lying position, where you can experience a deeply relaxing full massage treatment. The system is made from highly supportive (yet soft and comfortable) foam, with large cut out areas that give room and support for growing bump and breasts. The cut out areas can be padded and adjusted to suit the individual 'bump' size, so that there is no pressure on your bump but it is fully supported. There is a face rest to keep the neck and spine aligned and space to gently relax the arms.The system fits onto my electric couch, so a typical treatment may involved massage to the back, back of legs and scalp, followed by gently turning over and removing the support  foam so that you can recline on the couch to have front of legs and arms massaged. Many therapists and spas do not have this equipment and so massages may be performed with the mum to be laying on her side or leaning over a couch, which some feel isn't as relaxing as laying on your front. In addition, my electric couch can be set with your upper body raised to any level at the touch of a button, to ensure you will never need to lie flat on your back, as this is not advised after the initial weeks of pregnancy. I have lots of different pillows and bolster cushions to ensure your comfort in any position and can still massage you on your side if you prefer. During consultation we will discuss your aims for treatment and devise a treatment tailored to you. I allow longer appointment times for pregnant clients to aid relaxation, enable longer time for dressing and undressing and of course toilet breaks if necessary. You will need to fill out my health consultation when you come for your treatment and I advise you to check with your midwife to confirm that they are happy for you to receive massage. If you are, or have previously experienced any complications or are a high risk pregnancy please bring a note from your midwife to confirm that they agree that massage is suitable for you. Pregnancy massage uses light, yet effective pressure. Please be aware that massage by specially trained therapists is considered to be safe at any stage in pregnancy and there is no evidence to link massage with miscarriage. Evidence does show benefits of massage in all stages of pregnancy. However, due to the naturally higher risk of miscarriage in the first trimester, many clients and therapists prefer not to engage in massage to avoid the risk of a treatment being 'blamed' for a miscarriage that would have naturally occured but whose timing coincided with treatment. The decision to have massage when trying for a baby or in the first trimester is really a personal choice. Lots of specialist therapists do still offer massage at any stage. If clients wish to attend for a massage in their first trimester I am happy to continue with treatment, but would ask that you sign during consultation to confirm that you understand that there is a naturally increased risk of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy and that there is no evidence to support a link between miscarriage and massage from specially trained pregnancy therapists. If you have any questions at all about pregnancy and massage, please do contact me and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

​Yes but only in my own home treatment room at evenings and weekends when my husband is in the house for safety reasons. I do not offer mobile appointments to male clients unless they are known to me, or referred by a well known female client, and then only at my discretion