My daughter had a young persons treatment. She had never had a massage before. I really liked all the advice given to me and my daughter.
I instantly felt comfortable. Nicola was the perfect balance of friendly and professional. I loved that the treatment didn't feel rushed and I was able to completely relax. Would definitely recommend, it was amazing.
From start to finish I was made comfortable and everything was explained. I was made to feel that I was not 'just a number' and that you do develop a personal relationship with the client. I achieved full relaxation during and after treatment.
Nicola from Thrive Massage has provided onsite treatments for our employees, as part of Twinings Wellbeing Programme since 2018. Nicola comes fully qualified, checked and insured - so passed our procurement process with flying colours. She is always fully booked, which speaks for itself and our employees love the chance to destress during their workday. Nicola takes complete control, manages all her own payments, brings everything with her - linen, organic aromatherapy oils, even a heated couch and relaxing music for ambiance. Her holistic and deep tissue treatments can be tailored to our employee needs as well as offering pregnancy massage. I would recommend Nicola to any organisation that is looking to focus on employee wellbeing.
The setting is gorgeous! Super relaxing in every way. The 'customisation' of the treatment makes it fee really personal - the oils, focus areas etc. Also loved the heated bed! I had such a relaxing time, even with all my knots! thank you.
I enjoyed the whole treatment, but particularly the massage to my feet and the facial massage. Thank you!
The relaxed and warm environment made a relaxing massage even more enjoyable. I left feeling completely relaxed and slept so well that night.
You were friendly, the room was warm and cosy. The massage was relaxing and you really helped un-knot my tight muscles.
You were fab and I loved the mixture of deep tissue and aromatherapy, plus being away from it all, the smells, the deep relaxation. You were so friendly I felt at ease instantly.
After my deep tissue leg massage I really enjoyed feeling the stiffness in my legs reduce.
My full body holistic massage was thoroughly relaxing and peaceful.
My back and shoulder massage was well explained and all perfect. I would recommend.
The treatment was relaxing and loosened my tight muscles.
Felt very comfortable and relaxed, areas of tension were addressed well. Everything was wonderful.
I really enjoyed the warm couch, peaceful atmosphere and good technique.
It was very relaxing and revived my aching muscles.
Nicola attended our company for a wellbeing event organised by our Social Club and provided 15 minute seated massage treatments for our staff throughout the day in one of our meeting rooms. The day was a great success, with my colleagues finding the treatments rejuvenating and stress busting. Nicola adjusted the treatments to our individual staff members and was organised, friendly and professional. She bought everything she needed on the day. I would highly recommend Nicola for attendance at company events or for regular massage days to boost staff morale and wellbeing.
Nicola was friendly, professional and gave good advice. I really enjoyed my experience.
Nicola is so friendly and the massage was perfect.
I felt very secure and relaxed. Nicola explained everything really well, and it was a great atmosphere.
My treatment was very relaxing, I was made to feel at ease and it was tailored to individual requirements and eased my tension.
During my holistic full body massage there was a very relaxing and calming atmosphere. Very professional.
I enjoyed everything about the treatment. Relaxing room, lovely oil, excellent massage, very relaxing. Thank you!
I loved the excellent breastfeeding friendly cushion. The upper back part of the massage was very enjoyable. Nothing could have improved the experience.
The pressure used was perfect, the ambience of the room was perfect.
I had a one hour body massage. For me it was pitched beautifully, thank you.
After my deep tissue 60 minute massage I had relief from painful muscles, it was very relaxing and I slept well. It was perfect, thanks very much.
I loved the relaxing environment and the hypnotising massage movements used during my deep tissue treatment.
My shoulders felt significantly better the next day. I enjoyed everything about my treatment.
My leg and back massage was personalised and relaxing.
I enjoyed everything about my treatment. Especially the explanations and information given in advance. The best massage I've ever had!
I really enjoyed the relaxation time while Nicola worked on the problem areas on my back, I loved it all.
The treatment was so relaxing and beneficial, you were so professional and the room was lovely.
The knowledge and adaptability of the massage was amazing and I was put at ease straight away. Explanations were brilliant. Very comfortable.
The massage was the best I have had, very relaxing.
I enjoyed having tight muscles worked, relaxation and getting the option of pressure and where you wanted the massage focused.
I have had numerous massages over the years and by far Nicola was the best! Very professional and more to the point Nicola knows what she is doing. I have recommended her to others.
I just wanted to say thank, thank, thank you! for getting me through today (The London Marathon). The magic you worked on Thursday meant today went perfectly. You've got super skills.
I felt very comfortable and at ease with the calming relaxing music in the background. Nicola is passionate about her work and takes great care to discuss any problem areas you may have. I have been suffering with nagging pains in my neck and shoulder for a few months. She worked to relieve several knots in my shoulder muscles and was extra careful not to put too much pressure on the tender areas. Also at the same time asking frequently how I felt. I was extremely pleased with my experience and have since booked my next appointment. I have no hesitation in recommending Nicola to family and friends.
Complete relaxation, a wonderful massage.
I enjoyed the soothing music, warm couch and most of all Nicola's lovely massage.
I would highly recommend Nicola. She provides a friendly and very personal service taking into account your individual needs in a relaxed and welcoming environment.
A lovely treatment room, a warm and welcoming massage couch. A professional, unhurried and relaxing massage. Time stood still. Thank you Nicola.
I have been fortunate enough to have received a full body massage from Nicola, which was wonderful – her calm and relaxing manner put me at ease completely and immediately. We spent several minutes discussing the massage beforehand, so that I could give her information about myself – any ailments I had at the time, or allergic reactions I had, and about my general wellbeing. She then guided me through how the massage would take place, before giving me time to de-robe, get settled down and relax. During the massage Nicola asked whether the pressure she was applying felt too hard or too soft on my body, adjusting her massage accordingly, and then only spoke to me when she needed me to move position. The hour long massage passed by very quickly, after which I felt calm, de-stressed and relaxed. I am very much looking forward to booking in another massage with Nicola very soon.
I play Water Polo once a week and find that I have a lot of strain to my right shoulder and lower back, I was given Nicola's details by another player who had recommended her, and it’s the best thing I have done! Nicola was incredibly professional and made me feel very comfortable. I have found that since going to Nicola I have had less tension in my shoulders and back and remarkably I am sleeping better. I would happily recommend Nicola in a heartbeat.
Nicola made me feel instantly comfortable and calm while she worked out the areas of tension in my body. The hour-long massage was absolute bliss - I left feeling very relaxed and tranquil.
Nicola is such a relaxing person even before the massage begins. I'm a big girl and was totally covered up at all times. The massage was amazing. Such a relaxing treat for aching bones.
I had a pregnancy massage with Nicola. I liked how comfortable, warm and secure I felt in Nicola's care. Such a wonderfully relaxing experience, a true treat.
Nicola attended our company wellbeing event and provided 15 minute seated massage treatments for our staff throughout the day. The day was a great success. I would highly recommend Nicola for attendance at company events or for regular massage days to boost staff morale and wellbeing.
I didn't realise how many knots I had and I enjoyed starting the process to remove them. Thanks.
I had a one hour holistic massage with Nicola. It was very relaxing and all very enjoyable.